Phone Interviews

Phone interviews sound easier than a traditional interview, however that is far from the truth. In a phone interview you can’t judge body language, match eye-contract and build connection to interviewer. We have come up with some quick tips to make your phone interview successful.

  • Smile! Believe it or not, smiling while you are talking will actually help you sound friendlier.

  • Speak Slowly and Clearly. Sit up in you chair or stand during your conversation. All of these will boost the energy in your voice and transmit your enthusiasm over the phone.

  • Have your resume in front of you to answer and specific questions the interviewer may have.

  • Have a list of questions prepared to ask during the interview to demonstrate your interest in the position.

  • Give specific examples relating your past work experience to this current job opportunity.

  • Be self confident. You will be judged by the same criteria used in an in-person interview: confidence. However, there is a difference. On the phone, you’ll be judged by much more subtle set of factors - the sound of your voice, your level of friendliness and enthusiasm, etc.

  • Get to the point. The ability to speak succinctly is critical.

  • Prepare for awkward silence. Have a list of questions prepared about the company and the opportunity that you can refer to when caught in one of those dead spots.

  • Don’t ever talk about issues related to potential compensation, company benefits or problems at your current employer, in a phone interview.